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Dental Exams to VA residents Take Care of Your Oral Health

The first line of defense for maintaining a healthy mouth is to have dental exams done periodically. Some patients have concerns about the alignment of their teeth or need major work done. However, some just require necessary maintenance including cleanings and a regular dental exam.

At Burke Dental we feel that the key to a healthier smile begins with the dental review. It paints a comprehensive picture of what is going on with a patient’s oral health.

How Burke Dental Can Help?

We understand the importance of maintaining healthy teeth. Prevention is the number one way to ensure problems are detected early, and treatment can be established. Dental exams and regular cleanings can go a long way in keeping your oral health in tip-top shape. At Burke Dental, we recommend our Annandale VA patients have their routine dental exam done at least once a year and stay up to date on any cleanings and exams needed. It’s never too late to get started on taking care of your teeth. If you have gone a while without an exam, it is a good idea to schedule an appointment and get started on a road to better oral health.

Dr. James Willis and his team are thorough, friendly, genuine and very professional… I highly recommend this practice to someone looking for a great dental team. Burke Dental is your place!


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My family and I have been very happy with Dr. Willis as our new family dentist. We had been with Dr. Brigleb for many years, and with his recommendation, we stayed with this practice. Dr. Willis is a very caring and concerned person, with your dental health foremost in his mind


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Dental Exams Are Beneficial

Preventative care of your teeth and gums is essential to your overall oral health. While some might consider a dental exam unnecessary, it is quite the opposite. Dental exams can provide these fantastic benefits: Early Detection: With annual checkups, we can monitor the changes in your teeth and gums. Early detection plays a considerable role in crafting a treatment plan if something is found to be wrong. Early detection can also prevent more costly treatments from having to be done. Ease Your Mind: One of the best reasons for having regular dental exams done is the peace of mind it offers. Sure you might think nothing is wrong but isn’t it better to have a trusted professional tell you everything is in great shape? A dental exam will put your mind at ease. Comprehensive Records: By having a regular dental exam done, you are painting a picture of your entire dental history. This can help to identify any problems that should be looked at more closely and to check for changes from your last dental exam. Establishing a good oral health routine, including having regular dental exams done, is one of the best treatment services you can have done with Burke Dental. We can monitor any changes from each exam you have done. This can help our Annandale VA patients avoid more difficult and painful procedures if early detection is made.

An In-depth Look At Your Dental Exam

At Burke Dental we take the time to check many different categories during a patient’s routine dental exam. At Burke Dental we go above and beyond to ensure if there is a problem beginning that it is caught. A patient’s dental exam may or may not include an x-ray depending on when the last time an x-ray was done, and if there is a need for one to be done.  During your dental exam we will look at: Signs of Gum Disease- Gum disease can happen to anyone. It can significantly depend on your daily oral health care. If proper oral health care practices aren’t in place gum disease can arise. During the dental exam, your gums will be checked for signs of potential Periodontal Disease including inflammation and bleeding. Cavities- Cavities are one of the most common problems that happen to almost everyone. A dental exam will be able to identify not only existing cavities but also teeth that may start to develop them. Check Teeth Position- Alignment is significant in your oral health, and during a dental exam our dentist will evaluate any gaps or bite problems that may need to be corrected with further treatments such as Invisalign. Check For Warning Signs- Identifying early signs of cancer is one feature we will look for. As a patient some of the concerns you might have will be about inflammation or bleeding, Dr. Willis can identify what the cause of this is as well as many other concerns. We commonly look for growths, cysts, and the possibility of mouth cancer. Go Over Older Dental Work-Periodically older dental work should be looked at to ensure it is still intact and everything is in place the way it should be. A dental exam can conclude if older dental work needs to be redone, or if everything is still working as it should. Examine Signs of Bone Damage- During a patient’s exam, we will look for signs of bone damage to the jawbone, and facial structure. One common problem that is seen is during a regular dental exam is a bone loss, and this can happen due to age. As you can see during a dental exam with Burke Dental, we will check for any indications of trouble with your oral health. If anything is found to be wrong, we can set you up with a treatment plan to correct any issue. We will also advise our patients to schedule a routine cleaning for their next visit.  A regular dental exam will also serve as a detailed record we can look back on, and notice any changes that may have occurred over time.  

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Put Your Oral Health Needs First

Getting started on the right track to maintaining your oral health begins with preventative care. We urge patients to establish a good routine including an annual dental exam to stay on top of their teeth and gum care. Identifying any issues during this exam can help to develop a plan to correct the essential problems. While some may think that regular dental exams can be an inconvenience or not a good use of time, they are beneficial to have done. Burke Dental will be able to keep a record of your visits and note any changes or concerns about your teeth and gums. Give Burke Dental a call today to schedule your dental exam, and get started with a healthier smile.

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