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A porcelain crown is an extremely versatile treatment which can be used to restore teeth for Burke, VA residents.

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Restore Your Smile With Crowns

A dental crown is a customized artificial, protective shell that is fitted over a broken or damaged tooth. This allows the patient to retain their original tooth, while repairing the damage and protecting the tooth from further harm.

Most dental crowns are designed to blend in with natural teeth, which lets patients go on with their lives without worrying about a not-so-attractive smile.

Dental crowns combine the best of beauty and function.

Dental Crown Treatment In Burke VA

How We Can Help You

Burke Dental is happy to consult with patients in the Burke, Virginia area and help them choose which type of dental crown is right for them. Dr. James Willis is an experienced dentist and an active member of the American Dental Association, the Virginia Dental Association, the Northern Virginia Dental Society, and the Academy of General Dentistry. He and his team are experienced and committed to offering patients the best cosmetic dental care in Virginia.

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Dental Crown Key Benefits

There are a lot of benefits to getting dental crowns put in. Dental crowns can be used to repair broken or damaged teeth, making them strong again and helping to prevent further damage. Dental crowns also restore the appearance of broken teeth, making them blend in with the rest of your natural teeth. Dental crowns are stronger, more durable than other tooth repair options. There are lots of reasons to consider dental crowns:

  • Dental crowns are long lasting. Dental crowns are designed to fit over a patient’s teeth and to hold up to wear and tear.
  • Dental crowns protect broken and damaged teeth. Dental crowns are designed to cover broken teeth, but also to help protect them from further damage.
  • Dental crowns restore the appearance of the broken or damaged tooth. A broken or severely damaged tooth is not an attractive sight and can make patients feel self-conscious, but a dental crown can fix that by covering the damage and restoring the broken tooth so it looks like just another tooth.
  • Dental Crowns can prevent the need for the tooth to be pulled. If a tooth becomes too damaged, it may have to be removed. If a crown is placed early enough, it can prevent further damage and allow the patient to keep the original tooth.

Crowns are not just a cosmetic procedure that will make your teeth look nicer, though that is certainly a nice benefit, but something that can help protect your teeth and prevent further damage. In many cases dental crowns are the best way to preserve the natural tooth and restore its functionality.

Types of Dental Crowns

At Burke Dental, we offer three types of dental crowns. A consultation with our team is the best way to discover which type is right for you, but they each have advantages and are recommended for different reasons.

Porcelain crowns are most often recommended for front teeth. A lot of patients like porcelain crowns because they are the most natural looking type of crown. Porcelain crowns are designed to mimic the color or your natural teeth, however they are not as strong or durable as some of the other types of crowns and they can also wear away at natural teeth with time.

Porcelain-fused to metal crowns are more durable than regular porcelain. In this type of crown, the porcelain is attached to a metal structure first. The downside to this type of crown is that they do not appear quite as natural looking as all porcelain crowns, particularly for front teeth, and can cause a gray hue along the margin and gum tissue.

Gold based crowns are the most durable type of crown. This metal-based type of crown is very strong and does the least amount of damage to the existing tooth. However, the gold color makes it more conspicuous than other types of crowns, which is why this type is most often recommended for back teeth.


When Dental Crowns Are the Right Choice

Crowns are often the best for patients who have a large amount of natural tooth remaining. While dental implants take the place of the natural tooth, dental crowns use the tooth as the base so there has to be enough of a tooth to support and retain the crown.

If the tooth is too damaged or not enough of the natural tooth remains, our team may recommend extraction and other options instead. However, if there is enough healthy tooth left to attach a crown, then preserving the natural tooth is the best choice and a crown is the best way to do that.


The Procedure

For patients in Burke, Virginia who are considering dental crowns the first step is to book an appointment for a consultation. A meeting with the team at Burke Dental will help us assess your tooth and the damage and see if you are a good candidate for crowns and then to decide which type of crown is the best fit


What to Expect

Attaching a dental crown is a multi-step process and will involve more than one visit to our office. The first step is prepping the patient for the procedure by applying a local anaesthetic which will ensure that the process is not painful.

After that, the natural tooth will be filed down so that the crown can be neatly attached to it. Once the tooth is ready, Dr. Ghanavati will make an impression of your tooth and use that impression to make the permanent crown.

After the impression is taken, a temporary crown will be fitted to your tooth so that the filed tooth is not damaged further. Once the permanent crown is finished, the patient will return to the office for a second visit where Dr. Ghanavati will remove the temporary crown and replace it with the permanent one.



Because dental crowns are a routine dental procedure, the recovery is generally fairly easy. The patient will feel numbness for a few hours after the procedure until the anesthetic wears off and may feel a little soreness once it does.

Temporary crowns are not as strong as permanent crowns or natural teeth and the patient should keep that in mind and not bite down on anything particularly hard, chewy, or tacky.

Once the permanent crown has been attached, the patient should be able to resume their normal activities almost immediately with very little recovery time.


Improve Your Life With Crowns

Living with broken or damaged teeth can be painful, but can also lead to further damage, which could mean tooth extraction and other procedures. Dental crowns can help prevent that. Dental crowns are long-lasting, they are durable, and they look like natural teeth. They also allow you to retain your natural tooth and merely improve its function, instead of replacing it all together.

Dental crowns are also a routine procedure with a fast recovery time. Getting dental crowns won’t negatively impact your life or your schedule, it will just help improve the quality of your life by improving the quality of your teeth. Dental crowns restore both the function and the appearance of a broken tooth while also preventing further damage.


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If you have a broken or damaged tooth that has been bothering you, you should call our office and arrange for a consultation. A visit to Burke Dental will help you decide if dental crowns are the right solution and, if so, which type of crown is right for you. You can schedule an appointment online or by calling 703-978-6000.



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