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An Introduction To Porcelain Veneers?

As important as it is to have healthy teeth, it is almost important that a patient feels good about their teeth, particularly about their smile. A beautiful smile can make a person feel more confident and self-assured, which can affect many other aspects of their lives. This is why many people look into cosmetic dentistry, because they want to fix the imperfections in the teeth so that they can have confident smile that they crave.

Veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures. Veneers help improve the appearance of the teeth by covering imperfections, but they also have a practical use. Veneers can be used to seal cracks or chips in a patient’s teeth and prevent them from the damage from getting worse which could lead to tooth loss. Veneers can also be used to fix lessen gaps between teeth or get rid of discoloration, improving the overall appearance of the teeth and the patient’s smile.

Porcelain Veneer Treatment In Burke VA

How We Can Help You

Dental veneers are just one of the many procedures offered by Dr. James Willis and the team at Burke Dental. Dr. Willis is committed to bringing quality dental care to the Burke, Virginia area and making sure patients have access to a variety of dental services and options. That includes cosmetic dentistry options such as veneers.

The Benefits of Dental Veneers

There are both practical and cosmetic benefits to getting dental veneers put on. Veneers are a popular option for correcting imperfect teeth because they help repair minor damage and improve the outer appearance of the tooth. The key benefits to dental veneers include:

  • Less intrusive than some of the other options. Veneers require less remodeling of the existing tooth than dental crowns or other similar procedures. This reduces the length of the procedure and the amount of pain and discomfort the patient may feel.
  • Natural looking. Veneers are specifically designed to blend in with the patient’s natural teeth, right down to the shade. The veneers just cover any imperfections or damage and restore the tooth’s appearance.
  • Repairs damage. Veneers are not just for cosmetic reasons. Veneers are also used to repair minor damage to the teeth, such as chips or cracks. Covering the damage with the veneer strengthens the tooth and reduces the chance of the damage spreading.
  • Fixes minor imperfections. In addition to strengthening teeth and repairing cracks or chips, veneers can also be used to hide imperfections that are more cosmetic in nature. Veneers can be used to lessen the gap between teeth or to disguise a discolored tooth.

There are many reasons a patient would consider looking into dental veneers. For patients in the Burke, Virginia area suffering from minor damage or imperfections, there is a good chance that veneers might be the right choice and the only way to find out is to book a consultation with the team at Burke Dental.

Thinking of Getting Veneers? Consider This.

However, while dental veneers are a popular choice, they are not the right choice for every patients. Like many dental procedures, there are limits to the functions and benefits of dental veneers. Some of the reasons why dental veneers might not be the right fit for a patient include:

  • They can’t be repaired. If something happens to damage a veneer, it cannot be patched, instead a new veneer will have to be placed instead. This is why patients who frequently grind or clench their teeth are generally not good candidates to get veneers put in.
  • Can make teeth more sensitive. Placing a dental veneer means removing some of the enamel on the tooth, which can make the tooth more sensitive. Patients who already suffer from sensitive teeth will want to keep this in mind before deciding in dental veneers are the right choice for them.
  • Not an ideal whitening solution. For patients who are looking specifically for white teeth, there are other options out there that have more guaranteed results. It cannot be guaranteed that a veneer will match the exact shade of a patient’s teeth, though the dental team will do their best. Also, if multiple teeth require whitening, it is easier and more cost effective just to undergo a professional whitening treatment.
  • Cannot repair major damage. Patients with severe damage to their teeth, such as broken teeth or large cracks, are not good candidates for dental veneers. Veneers are meant to strengthen teeth and cover minor damage, not as a way to repair severe damage.
  • They require strong teeth. Not only should veneers not be used to repair major tooth damage, veneers actually require a healthy tooth to be put in place. Patients with damaged teeth or gums will likely not be considered a good match for dental veneers as the tooth may not be strong enough to support the veneer.

The only way to find out for sure if a patient is a right fit for dental veneers is for them to make a team with Dr. Ghanavati and the team at Burke Dental. Someone from the team will be happy to sit down with you for a consult and assess whether or not the candidate meets the criteria.


Getting Veneers Placed

For patients in the Burke, Virginia area who are considering dental veneers, either for cosmetic or health reasons, the first step is to book a consultation with Dr. Ghanavati and the team at Burke Dental. Someone from the team will meet with the patient and assess their teeth and whether or not dental veneers are the right choice. This will include a full dental examination so that the Burke Dental team can get an accurate picture of the patient’s dental needs and then a consultation where the patient will explain what they are hoping to get out of the procedure. During this initial consultation, we will make our recommendations about whether or not the patient is a good candidate for the procedure.


Deciding If Dental Veneers are Right For You

Dental veneers will only be recommended to patients who are in good general health and who have healthy teeth. Patients with severe gum disease are also unlikely to be considered a good candidate for dental veneers, the same goes for patients who have suffered severe damage to their teeth. Patients who have lost too much of their teeth enamel will also not be good candidates for dental veneers, because there may not be enough enamel for the veneer to adhere too. However, for patients who are in good health and have healthy teeth with light to moderate imperfects, dental veneers can be an ideal solution.


The Procedure

Once the decision has been made to go ahead with dental veneers, the procedure generally requires at least two visits. During the first appointment, the patient will be given a local anesthetic to allow the dentist to scrape off some of the enamel from the patient’s teeth and then make a mold of the teeth. The mold will be used to customize the patient’s veneers. A set of temporary veneers will be applied until the custom ones are finished.

Once the custom veneers are ready, the patient will return to the Burke Dental office. Once more the patient will be given a local anesthetic to freeze the affected areas and then Dr. Ghanavati will remove the temporary veneers and then apply a chemical bonding agent to help the veneers stick. If the patient requires multiple veneers, they will be applied individually to make sure that the resin doesn’t harden.



Dental veneers are a relatively simple dental procedure with a quick recovery time. Once the anesthetic has worn off, the patient should find themselves back to normal with no pain or discomfort. There may be an odd sensation as the patient adjusts to the feeling of the veneers, but that is normal and should disappear within a couple days.


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