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Professional Whitening Services

No matter how good care a person takes of their teeth, yellowing is hard to avoid. Age and certain foods can help speed up the yellowing process and take away the sheen of your smile. Luckily, there are many options to help return a person’s pearly whites to their intended state.

While there are whitening toothpastes and strips, these solutions are not as effective as the ones available to dentists.

For the best quality and results, it’s important to trust the professionals and book an appointment with your dentist.

How We Can Help You

Burke Dental is proud to serve the Burke, Virginia area and offers quality dental services to our clients. At Burke Dental we believe that a healthy, beautiful smile is an important part of a happy life and we offer a variety of cosmetic services, including tooth whitening, meant to help our patients get the smiles that they have been dreaming of.

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Trust the Teeth Whitening Professionals

Many people might ask, “Is there really any difference between going to the dentist for a whitening and doing it yourself with an over-the-counter product?” The answer is that there is a big difference. Dentists have access to better quality options, they are also better qualified to judge the degree of whitening needed. Most people wouldn’t think of removing their own teeth, they would trust their dentist, and they should do the same for their whitening needs. There are several reasons why a professional whitening is better than options found in the drugstore:

  • More customized whitening. Drugstore whitening kits are designed to be uniform, but most people don’t need uniform whitening. This means that drugstore kits often leave some areas whiter than others, while a professional whitening is customized based on a patient’s specific needs.
  • Faster results. The over-the-counter products work very slowly, taking weeks or even months for a true whitening, while the procedures offered by Burke Dental work much faster. Depending on which option is chosen, patients can expect to see results in as little as one hour.
  • Custom treatment. With the over-the-counter products, you get what you get, but with a professional whitening, the patients gets input. Dr. James Willis and his team will discuss with the patient ahead of time what level of results they are looking for and create a whitening plan accordingly.
  • Long lasting results. Professional whitening options are often stronger than over-the-counter options, which means the results typically last longer.
  • Expert advice and care. Going to a professional means you benefit from their experience. In addition to whitening your teeth, Dr. Willis and his team can provide advice to help you maintain your whiter smiles, including advising what foods to avoid and the best way to care for whiter teeth.

There are a lot of options for patients in Burke, Virginia when it comes to getting whiter teeth, but for the best results it’s important to trust the professionals. Professional teeth whitening is longer lasting, more even and faster than the over-the-counter products, plus they also come with the advice and experience of our staff, who will make sure that you are doing what you need to get the best results.

Types of Whitening Solutions

At Burke Dental, we offer two types of teeth whitening options. The first option we offer is an in-office whitening process which can give significantly whiter teeth within a single appointment.  The other option that we offer is a take-home approach that can help you get your teeth to the whiteness you desire.  Both options are good for patients who are looking for truly bright white teeth.

Whiter Image is the name of the in-office whitening process we currently use and is applied directly to the teeth and then re-applied at short intervals to help speed the whitening process. There is no need for anything to be fitted with Whiter Image as it is applied directly to the teeth. If the initial appointment does not yield white enough teeth, patients may request an additional kit with additional whitening material and instructions on how the kit can be used at home. Often, patients opt to retouch at home occasionally afterward for maintenance purposes.  Please note that as products and technology change, our office may, without giving prior notice, decide to utilize a different product for this procedure.

Opalescence gel is the name of the take-home approach we currently use and is a little more time-consuming as it requires two appointments to our office. The first is to get the impressions for the custom whitening tray and the second visit to have the gel applied. The advantage to this type of system is that the custom trays are fitted to each individual patient, meaning that its fits their teeth perfectly without any missed areas. The whitening gel that is applied to the trays is very powerful and is designed to do a deep whitening.  Please note that as products and technology change, our office may, without giving prior notice, decide to utilize a different product for this procedure.


Getting Professional Teeth Whitening

For patients in Burke, Virginia who are looking to get their teeth whitened, the first step is to call our office. Dr. Willis and his team will consult with you and help you decide which of the two options is the right one. For patients who choose the Opalescence procedure, you will then be fitted for your custom whitening trays and a later appointment will be scheduled. For those who choose the Whiter Image, in-office approach, you will then set an appointment for the procedure which normally takes approximately one hour.  Choosing to have a professional whitening is making an investment in yourself and the value of your smile.


Choosing Professional Whitening

Tooth whitening does just that, it whitens the tooth. It doesn’t repair damage or cracks. Tooth whitening is recommended for patients with healthy teeth who want them to be whiter. There is also a limit to how effective professional whitening can be and patients with severe staining or discoloration may be better off looking into veneers or dental bonding. However, for patients with healthy teeth and moderate yellowing, professional whitening is a great way to get a brilliant white smile in a short period of time.


What to Expect

The procedure differs depending on which type of whitening the patient choose, but both begin with a cleaning so that Dr. Willis and his team have an optimal environment to assess current shading and evaluate the best approach for you. After that, the patient will either be fitted with the whitening trays or the whitening gel will be applied directly to their teeth. The whitening solution will then stay in place for the period of time it is estimated that is needed for the desired results. Once that time has passed, the solution will be rinsed off and the patient will be able to enjoy the results.


Recovery and Follow-Up

There is no recovery time needed for tooth whitening. It is similar to a dental cleaning in the fact that there is no numbing and no discomfort. Just whiter teeth, however, depending on the whitening system chosen, the patient will be given instructions. For patients who choose the Opalescence system, they will be given their take-home kit and instructions on how to use it. Some Patients may experience slight sensitivity during whitening, regardless of which whitening procedure they choose.  If this happens, we encourage you to discontinue use of the product and the sensitivity normally will go away.


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