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All About Dental Fillings

One of the most routine dental procedures is getting a cavity filled. Cavities are spots where the tooth has started to decay and if left untreated, the damage can spread, infecting the whole tooth. This can lead to having the tooth extracted and increase risk of other teeth and other areas of the mouth and body being affected by the infection.

However, if a cavity is treated early enough, the damage can be stopped and the natural tooth can be preserved. Dental fillings are one of the easiest ways to do this. The filling patches the damaged area, sealing it from exposure to food particles and bacteria and protecting it from further harm.

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Patients in Burke, Virginia can trust the highly skilled team at Burke Dental with all their dental needs. Dr. Ghanavati is happy to offer a variety of services, ranging from tooth replacement to simple dental fillings. At Burke Dental we pride ourselves on being able to provide general dentistry solutions to a large number of dental problems in a quick and efficient manner.

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Benefits to Dental Fillings

Getting a tooth filled is one of the easiest dental decisions to make. It’s a quick, simple procedure that will fix what could potentially be a big problem. Left untreated cavities can get larger and spread to the rest of the tooth, leading to the need for more invasive treatment. If a patient is suffering from a cavity, there are many reasons our team would recommend a filling as treatment:

  • Prevents further damage. Left untreated, the infected area of the tooth will likely grow. This can lead to loss of the tooth, as well as gum infection. Filling the cavity can prevent the decay from spreading.
  • Eases the pain. Cavities can be painful. The rotten part of the tooth is exposed to food particles and germs. Filling the cavity protects the damaged spot and minimizes the pain.
  • Simple procedure. Getting a cavity filled is a routine procedure with minimal discomfort being managed by local anesthetic and restoring a decayed tooth with a filling also reduces the chance of pain going forward and prevents further infection.
  • No extra upkeep. There is no special care required with fillings. They can be brushed just like normal teeth. They also don’t require any special dietary changes. Patients with fillings will barely notice the fillings are there.

An untreated cavity can be painful and can lead to more severe dental issues, while a filling is a simple procedure that restores teeth to their normal function. When dealing with small cavities that are easily treated, dental fillings make the most sense. Dental fillings fix the problem before it spreads and allow the patient to resume their normal activities.

Types of Dental Fillings

When people picture dental fillings, they probably think of metal fillings. Metal fillings used to be the most common type of fillings, but as dental technology has gotten more advanced that has changed. Most dentists now recommend fillings made of other materials. At Burke Dental we offer two types of fillings, Resin-Based Composite and Porcelain. We believe that these materials best suit our patient’s needs.

Resin-Based Composite fillings are durable and are well-suited for small cavities. Resin can be shaded to match existing teeth, making them less noticeable than metal fillings. They also have a different, smoother feel to them, which many prefer over the feel of the traditional metal fillings. However, if a patient is looking for the most natural looking filling, they may consider porcelain fillings. Porcelain fillings are the most natural looking and are a good choice for fillings that will be more visible. One disadvantage to porcelain is that it is sometimes more fragile than other types of filling material.


Getting Dental Fillings

Patients in the Burke, Virginia area who are suffering from tooth pain should book an appointment to get their teeth checked. Even if there is no pain, regular dental exams are important. One of the reasons it is suggested that a patient should visit a dentist twice a year is because cavities can develop quickly and without pain as a signal. The sooner a cavity is discovered, the sooner it can be treated and treating a cavity quickly can prevent the damage from spreading and becoming more serious.

A visit to Burke Dental will determine if a patient has any cavities and if they do, we will immediately recommend treatment. In most cases of minor to moderate decay, the treatment our team will recommend will be a filling, which is the simplest and fastest way of treating a cavity.


When Fillings Are the Right Choice

Dental fillings are the most common solution to cavities and are generally what our team will suggest. However, if the damage is too severe then filings may not be an option. Dental fillings cannot reverse damage or decay, they can only attempt to prevent further damage. If the damage has spread to a large portion of the tooth or if it affects the gum or bone, then a filling won’t help. In those cases other, more intensive, procedures will be recommended. However, if the cavity is still small and the damage is restricted to the tooth and, and not the gum or bone, then a filling is the best, most efficient solution.


The Procedure

Getting a filling is one of the simplest dental procedures there is. The area around the problem tooth will be numbed so that the patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. The next step is to prepare the tooth. Dr. James Willis will clean the tooth, remove any visible decay and then place the filling material in the required spot. He will then use a special light to harden the material. Once the filling has hardened, Dr. Willis will check the patient’s bite, polish the filling, and the patient will be free to go.



Because dental fillings are such a simple, routine procedure, the recovery is also very quick and easy. The numbing will usually wear off within a few hours and the patient should feel minimal discomfort. Because only the tooth was affected and not the gum or bone, there should be no lasting pain and no restrictions. A patient can resume their normal activities once the numbness has worn off. The filling itself may feel slightly odd or unfamiliar and take a little bit of time getting used to, and the patient may initially feel a minor sensitivity to cold, but other than that everything should be back to normal within a day.


Fillings Are the First Line of Defense

Dental fillings are a simple dental procedure that can prevent the need for more invasive procedures down the road. An untreated cavity can lead to tooth loss, as well as gum and bone damage and risk of further infection. However if it is caught early, a filling can help prevent those consequences. Fillings can also stop the pain and irritation that can be the symptoms of an untreated cavity.


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It is never advisable to ignore a potential cavity. Regular check-ups are the best way to spot potential problems and treating those problems as soon as they are discovered help make sure the small problems don’t become large problems. Fillings can help prevent the need for more invasive procedures down the road.

Patients in the Burke, Virginia area should call Burke Dental and make an appointment for a check-up. After all, a check-up is the best way to determine if there are any potential issues and to get them treated as quickly as possible. You can book an appointment online or by calling our office at 703-978-6000.


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