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The Advantages of A Root Canal

When a tooth is damaged, it can pose a danger to the rest of the teeth and may increase the risk of infection. However, a damaged tooth does not always have to be lost. Instead, if the tooth is restorable, root canal therapy will likely be recommended instead.

This is one of the most common dental procedures available and it focuses on preserving the natural tooth by repairing and restoring the area under the surface, or the root of the tooth.

During root canal therapy, the diseased areas of the tooth are removed and then filled, sealing them off to prevent further damage. This protects the natural tooth and restores its functionality.

How We Can Help You

Burke Dental prides itself on offering patients in Burke, Virginia, top quality dental treatments and a variety of options. Dr. Ghanavati and his team know that dentistry is not a one-size fit all type of business, instead, we understand that each patient is different and we assess our patients as individuals. We meet with our patients and examine them before making any recommendations.

We understand that a treatment that might be right for one patient may not be the right choice for another, which is why we will sit down with you and discuss the options. For some patients, tooth extraction may be the right choice for a damaged tooth, but for others, we will recommend root canal therapy. It all depends on the individual case.

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Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Generally, the goal is always to preserve natural teeth when possible. This is because natural teeth are often stronger than artificial ones. It is also better for the gums and jawbone to keep the natural teeth instead of having dental implants. In addition to helping keep the natural tooth, a root canal is beneficial because it can improve the health of your tooth and reduce tooth pain. There are several advantages to undergoing root canal therapy, such as:

  • Restores the health of the tooth. Root canal therapy is performed on a diseased or infected tooth, and the procedure removes the diseased area and seals it off to prevent the infection from spreading.
  • Reduces dental pain. An infected or abscessed tooth can be quite painful. Root canal therapy removes the diseased area and seals it off, preventing food particles and mouth-born bacteria from irritating it. Doing this often removes the source of the pain and the tooth goes back to feeling like normal within a few days.
  • Benefits the other teeth. Root canal therapy can benefit more than the infected tooth. Root canal therapy prevents the infection from spreading to other teeth and the surrounding bone, and it also prevents the need for more invasive procedures which can be damaging to the surrounding teeth.
  • Preserves the natural tooth. For many reasons, preserving a tooth is good. Removing a tooth can cause the other teeth to shift or cause changes to the jawbone or gums. If the tooth is relatively healthy, it is generally better to try and save it.
  • It is an immediate procedure. Root canal therapy is typically completed in a single visit, and will remove the acute pain to keep the patient comfortable between visits if two visits are required. Root canal therapy is often quicker and less evasive than most tooth replacement options.

Root canal therapy isn’t the right choice for everyone. However, if the tooth is damaged, but still able to be preserved, the team at Burke Dental may recommend root canal therapy. The benefits of root canal therapy often outweigh any potential disadvantages.

Choosing Root Canal Therapy

Patients in the Burke, Virginia area who are suffering from tooth pain should book an appointment with Burke Dental to come in for an examination. A painful tooth can make it difficult to go about your daily routine and it can also be quite dangerous, because it can lead to further infection. It is always a good idea to get any pain looked at immediately.

Once an appointment is booked, our team will examine the patient’s tooth to see if we can discover the cause of the pain. Part of the examination will include dental x-rays to determine the extent of the damage. This will also help us examine the exact location of the damage. Once the extent and location of the damage has been determined, our team will present treatment options to the patient and recommend a treatment plan.


Deciding if Root Canal Therapy is the Right Choice

Whether root canal therapy is recommended depends on the amount of damage to the tooth. There has to be enough natural tooth left to preserve in order for root canal therapy to be a viable option. If the damage to the tooth is too severe or if it has spread too far, the team at Burke Dental may recommend extraction instead of root canal therapy. If the damage to the tooth is in a hard-to-reach spot, root canal therapy may not be possible. However, if there is enough natural tooth left to be preserved and the diseased area is accessible, then root canal therapy may be recommended.



Once the decision has been made to do root canal therapy, the dentist will numb the area around the tooth using a local anesthetic which will keep the patient comfortable during the procedure. The level of discomfort felt during root canal therapy is similar to getting a filling done.

Once the anesthetic has been applied, an opening will be made in the tooth and the diseased area will be cleaned. Once all the infected pulp has been removed, the area will be filled and sealed, this will prevent the area from further infection and reduce pain and irritation.



Root canal therapy is a routine procedure with a reasonable recovery. Once the numbing  wears off, any lingering pain from the sore tooth should start to disappear. There may be a period of soreness during recovery.  This is largely due to the ligaments surrounding the root of the tooth. It may take several days for the soreness to go away. Most patients are back to their normal activities shortly after receiving root canal therapy.


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There is no reason a patient should have to live with a sore tooth. Not only is it painful, but it can be dangerous as tooth pain can be a sign of infection. Patients in Burke, Virginia can trust the professionals at Burke Dental to identify the cause of their tooth pain and suggest a treatment plan. In certain cases, our team will suggest root canal therapy. This is because root canal therapy is a way to preserve the natural tooth while removing the damaged area of the tooth and preventing

This is because root canal therapy is a way to preserve the natural tooth while removing the damaged area of the tooth and preventing risk of further infection. Root canal therapy is a procedure that can overcome a toothache with a minimal recovery time. Patients who undergo root canal therapy will be resuming their normal activities, without irritating tooth pain, in no time at all.

Tooth pain can be irritating and dangerous. Instead of suffering from it and creating the risk of potential spread of infection, you should consult a professional. A proper examination is the only way to determine the cause of the pain and to recommend proper treatment. To book an appointment with Burke Dental, call 703-978-6000 or schedule one online.


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