Do you have cracked, fractured, or otherwise unhealthy teeth? Then perhaps dental crowns are the right options for you.

Patients who suffer from less severe dental health issues like the conditions mentioned above might be a candidate for dental crowns which are cosmetic dental treatment options that restore your tooth without having to completely remove or replace it. A dental crown can be a great way to give you back your confidence when you smile and it also is an ideal alternative to getting a full tooth replacement (like a dental implant. To provide further insight into how dental crowns work, why they are necessary, and their benefits, Burke Dental invites you to follow along with the text below.

dental crowns

You might have a general idea of what a dental crown is from discussing it with your dentist but not all patients know the full details behind how a crown works. Absolute Dental provides an in-depth description of what a dental crown is as well as some common reasons why crowns might be needed to restore your dental health. Rather than just simply replacing your tooth and undergoing the painful surgery to do so, it’s important to consider all your options for restoring your teeth before you have to replace them.

What to Do if You Have a Chipped or Broken Crown

“A dental crown is a restoration that surrounds a tooth and covers or forms a “cap” above the gum line, so the tooth is restored to a normal appearance. Crowns are used when a tooth is broken or damaged to the extent that a filling won’t restore its natural function.

If a tooth is cracked from a blow to the face, for example, a crown can hold the tooth together and keep it from further damage. Crowns are also used to cover a discolored tooth, attach a bridge or prevent a fracture in a weak tooth.”

In the following article, the Cleveland Clinic offers more reasons why patients might need a dental crown. If you are not a frequent visitor of your local dental clinic or if you’re next appointment is very far down the road, you should keep aware of your current dental health to ensure that you don’t need any major work done such as a cosmetic dental procedure like getting a dental crown.

Dental Crowns

“A dental crown may be needed to:

  • Protect a weak tooth (for example, from decay) from breaking or to hold together parts of a cracked tooth
  • Restore a broken tooth or a severely worn down tooth
  • Cover and support a tooth with a large filling and not much tooth remaining
  • Hold a dental bridge in place
  • Cover misshaped or severely discolored teeth
  • Cover a dental implant
  • Cover a tooth treated with a root canal”

You might think that dental crowns offer mainly cosmetic advantages in restoring your smile but they can actually dramatically impact your dental health. Eating with a fractured or cracked tooth can be dangerous and also a potential cause for infection in the gums as time goes on. By placing artificial dental crowns over fractured or damaged teeth, you can save the foundation of the tooth without having to remove it completely and also avoid future health issues. Jamie The Dentist discusses other advantages to getting a dental crown:

Jamie The Dentist

“In general, the main advantages of having a crown are:

  • Looks (aesthetics). You can improve the colour and the shape of the tooth or teeth with crowns. Porcelain has a more natural appearance and is much more resistant to stains than white fillingmaterial (composite).
  • Protection. They provide the best possible protection to a heavily broken down tooth.
  • Long lasting. Studies have shown that crowns last longer than any other type of dental restoration including all types of filling and implants. That said, they aren’t as good as natural teeth and once prepared for a crown, a tooth will always need a crown- there’s no going back.”

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