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There is a lot of discussion of the various dental procedures available to give patients a beautiful, healthy smile and it is important that patients know all the options that are available to them.

However, not every dental patient will need these procedures, some just need basic upkeep. One of the most important aspects to good oral health care is also one of the most basic: regular dental exams. Regular dental exams are crucial to good oral health.

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Dr. James Willis and the team at Burke Dental know that prevention is one of the most important elements to healthy teeth. That is why it is recommended that patients of Burke Dental stay up-to-date with their oral health and come in for a full dental exam at least once a year, in addition to their regular cleanings. With preventive dentistry, Dr. Willis and his team are able to maintain a good idea of the patient’s oral health and keep on top of any possible concerns.

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The Benefits of Dental Examinations

The number one benefit to getting regular dental exams is that it helps the dentist see the full picture. While a good home oral health routine is critical, dental problems can develop, problems that can only be detected after a thorough examination. Even if a patient thinks that everything is normal and ok, it is still important to find out for sure. Some of the reasons to go for a regular dental exam include:

  • Peace of mind. Even if a patient thinks everything feels normal, it is better to know for sure. Regular dental exams will help ensure that a patient’s teeth are healthy and that there is nothing to be concerned about.
  • Early detection. If a problem is discovered, the earlier it is found than the earlier it can be dealt with. In many cases, dealing with a problem early can prevent the need for more serious interventions down the road.
  • Gives a better idea of the big picture. When a patient goes for regular dental exams, it helps the dentist create a record that can be used for the future. The dentist can look at the patient’s file for reference and make sure that there aren’t any concerning changes that require further examination.

Regular dental exams might seem like an inconvenience, but they are worth it. By undergoing regular dental exams, patients are helping stay on top of their oral health, which allows the dentist to detect potential problems early. The earlier dental problems are detected, the better they can be managed and this can prevent the need for painful and costly dental procedures down the road. Regular dental exams are an important  part of a good oral health routine.

What We Look For During Our Oral Exams

dental exam differs from a routine cleaning or check-up. A dental exam is more in-depth as Dr. Ghanavati examines the patient, looking for potential problems and checking out the patient’s overall oral health. Some of the things that our team will look for during a dental exam include:

  • Looking for signs of potential gum disease. Part of a dental exam includes checking the condition of a patient’s gums and looking for signs of inflammation or bleeding.
  • Checking for cavities. The dentist will check for existing cavities, but also for early warning signs that show a cavity might be developing, because the earlier it is detected, the easier it is to treat.
  • Examining teeth position. The dentist will examine the patient’s teeth and evaluate their spacing and bite and determine if there are any potential problems there that need to be treated.
  • Checking on previous dental work. If a patient has previous dental work such as fillings or crowns, the dentist will examine them and make sure that they don’t need to be replaced or repaired.
  • Looking for signs of bone damage. Part of a dental exam includes checking the condition of the jaw bone, as well as the other facial bones, and determining if there is any damage or bone loss that would need to be treated.
  • Check for warning signs. One of the most elements of a regular dental exam is that it gives the dentist a chance to look for signs of oral cancer or other potential problems such as growths or cysts. These signs can include white lesions, inflammation, and bleeding.

A regular dental exam will give Dr. Ghanavati and the team at Burke Dental a clear idea of exactly what is going on in a patient’s mouth. If any potential problems are detected, then the team will be able to recommend the appropriate treatment plan and move forward accordingly.


Going For Your Routine Examination

How often a patient needs a dental exam depends on factors such as age and general oral health, but at Burke Dental we recommend a full exam at least once a year. Dr. Ghanavati and his team will let a patient know if they believe that more frequent dental exams are required. These dental exams are separate than the regular check-ups and professional cleanings that are recommended for every 3-6 months.

Part of the dental exam will include a conversation with the dentist, where he will go over the patient’s history and ask questions about their general health. It is important that the dentist get a full picture of the patient’s lifestyle and any medical concerns that the patient might have including:

  • Any medications that the patient is taking
  • Any new medical conditions that have been diagnosed since the last dental exam
  • Any allergies the patient might have
  • Changes to the gums or teeth
  • Pregnancy
  • If a patient is a tobacco user
  • If a patient has noticed increased tooth sensitivity
  • Soreness in the neck or jaw

This information lets the dentist get the full picture of the patient’s health history, including what the potential problems may be. It is important to know about because it can impact treatment plans.

After any caddressedand concerns have been address, the dentist will conduct the thorough exam. This may or may not include x-rays, depending on when the patient last had them done and if there are any concerns about bone loss or damage. This will involve checking thoroughly examining the patient’s mouth and jaw area and noting any changes or concerns. Once the exam is finished, if there are any problems then Dr. Ghanavati and his team will recommend the appropriate follow-up treatment.

If everything is normal, the patient will be sent home, after being advised to book their next routine dental cleaning appointment. The patient may find that there mouth is a little sore after the examination, but the soreness will fade quickly. A dental exam can be time consuming, but unlike many other dental procedures, there is no need for a recovery time and the patient will be able to resume their normal activities as soon as they leave the dental office.


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The best thing you can do for your teeth is take care of them. This means doing everything that you can to stay on top of your oral health and that includes booking regular dental exams. Patients in the Burke, Virginia area who want a dental exam can book an appointment online or by calling our office at (703) 978-6000.


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