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Burke Dental provides single tooth replacement – We offer solutions to getting the function and beauty of your smile back.

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Burke Dental Can Replace Your Single Tooth

We know how emotionally frustrating it can be to lose a tooth. You may have been happy with your smile, and then an accident happened, or because of tooth decay needed an extraction to remove a tooth that was causing others damage. No matter the circumstances in while you have lost a tooth, we offer solutions to replace individual teeth, with dental implants. Our primary goal is making sure our patients are happy with the outcome, and once again love their smile. Dr. James Willis uses the latest techniques and state of the art equipment in our Burke, VA office that accomplishes the results our patients seeks.

One of our focuses is on pain-free dentistry with minimally invasive procedures. We want everyone to be comfortable during any treatment. With the use of innovative approaches and advanced equipment, our patients won’t have to worry about their procedure and can focus on more important things like their end results.

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Single Tooth Replacement In Burke

Why Choose Implants For Individual Tooth Replacement?

There is no doubt that dental implants are the more natural looking solution to missing teeth. With individual implants, your dentist will have more control over placement, that offers a better overall appearance. With creating a crown to attach to the abutment, this will be unique for your smile. Teeth are shaped differently, and there is no generic solution available that blends naturally like a custom crown.

The dentist will look at your surrounding teeth, and make an artificial tooth that matches these for a seamless transition that no one would even know was not your natural tooth. He will take into consideration the color and shape of the teeth and use computer programming to sculpt the tooth to exact specifics desired, for a better result.

Aside from dental implants being more natural in appearance, they are also more comfortable for the patient. After a while, most people forget they even had the procedure done. They require no additional that you wouldn’t do for your natural teeth.

Perhaps the best advantage to having a dental implant installed is longevity. They will last forever if properly cared for, and you follow your dentist’s instructions. You can expect many great benefits with individual dental implants that include:

  • A permanent solution to tooth loss
  • More Secure
  • Better Comfort
  • Prevents Alignment Issues

  • More Natural Looking
  • Tooth Replacement In One Day
  • Minimally Invasive

Minimally Invasive Implants With Advanced Technology

With the latest techniques and advancements in the dental field, are finding that there is less discomfort for procedures and the recovery time is significantly reduced. With dental implants, Burke Dental uses 3D digital imaging to get a complete view of your jawbone structure, tooth placement, and any complications that could affect the placement of an implant.

If you need to have a tooth extracted, we can replace the tooth that same day with a dental implant and temporary crown. There is no additional cutting required, and patients are thrilled that they can walk out of the office with a full smile.

The dental implant procedure will take under two hours to complete. It can be done the same time as extraction, or in a separate visit after the examination has been done. With the minimally invasive approach, patients may not have to have sutures, no additional incisions, just an ideal replacement in just a few hours.

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If you have consulted with a dentist before on options for tooth replacement, you have likely heard a few terms thrown around, including a bridge or denture. But dental implants are much different than these options for replacing individual teeth. At Burke Dental, we recommend the use of dental implants to replace a single tooth.

Doing nothing to fill the gap in your smile has more consequences than you might think. When a gap is left, the remaining teeth will begin to shift to fill the void. This can cause major alignment problems and even result in the adjacent teeth becoming crooked. Correcting alignment problems can become expensive, and may require a longer treatment time. But with the use of dental implants, you can prevent shifting from occurring while improving the look of your smile.

Dental implants are comprised of three parts. The titanium post is inserted into the jawbone, the abutment that is attached to the post, and a restorative crown that secures to the abutment. When talking about dental implants what a person is usually referring to is the crown that they see, but it is more about how the restoration is fitted. The implant provides stronger support for the crown.

Most patients are good candidates to receive dental implants. However, your dentist, Dr. Ghanavati, will need to exam the condition of your jaw to assess whether or not the implant will be a good fit for you. In some cases, a person doesn’t have enough bone mass to support the implant. If one where to be placed without proper grafts, the result could be an implant failure. That is why it is imperative that you have a well-trained dentist perform the examination and procedure.

The Pain Of Losing A Tooth

There is nothing like losing a tooth as an adult. While when we were younger, it was natural to lose teeth, for the adult teeth to come in. But there are no backup teeth once you lose your second set. So naturally, missing a tooth, no matter if it is one or several can be devastating because they won’t come back on their own.

But thankfully, with the advancements in the dental field, and your skilled oral surgeon, Dr. Ghanavati, we can correct the problem to reveal a beautiful set of teeth, with no unsightly gaps.

Dentist James Willis
Single Tooth Bridge

Replace Your Missing Tooth In One Day

That’s right! You can have a crown fitted the same day as your dental implant procedure. Which means you can walk out of the appointment with no more missing teeth! With only minimal care instructions, and healing time up to six months, you need only care for the dental implant the way you would your natural teeth, and avoid chewy foods till the bone has time to heal. Do you have questions about the procedure or recovery?

No problem, we can answer all your questions during our initial consultation. Let’s sit down and discuss your dental concerns and create a treatment plan that is custom-made for you.

What To Expect From Dental Implants?

With dental implants, you can expect to have a long term solution to replacing missing teeth. If you desire more comfort, less worry about a dental fixture falling out, or want a more natural solution, this could be a great option. You probably have a few questions about the procedure, and after-care and Burke Dental can answer all of these for you. We wanted you to feel confident in your decision for teeth replacement and thrilled with the results.

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We are proud to offer the finest solution for individual tooth replacements. Consult with Dr. Ghanavati and our team today to find out if dental implants are right for you.

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Single Dental Implant Placement

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