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Protecting Patients From Tooth Damage Before It Happens

You might assume that following your daily hygiene routine is enough to prevent health issues from arising, but it is also crucial to schedule regular dental exams to truly maintain your health. Dental exams can help your dentist look out for hidden signs of damage that may be secretly impacting your health without your awareness.

What Is A Dental Exam?

Generally, a dental exam is an appointment where a patient is thoroughly evaluated for potential or current damages to the teeth, gums, or overall mouth region. The dentist will check the teeth for any signs of decay or small damages that the patient might not have noticed prior to their visit.

This also gives the dentist a chance to offer preventative advice to patients to stop future issues from arising by offering corrective solutions. Common tips for patients include more frequent brushing, flossing, and rinsing along with diet adjustments. Dentists also look for early signs of gum disease and other oral diseases to keep patients from experience more traumatic symptoms later on.

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My family and I have been very happy with Dr. Willis as our new family dentist. We had been with Dr. Brigleb for many years, and with his recommendation, we stayed with this practice. Dr. Willis is a very caring and concerned person, with your dental health foremost in his mind


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The Importance Of Regular Checkups

Dental exams might not seem like a big deal to most patients but are actually extremely important in maintaining good dental health. Some small issues are better to catch and correct earlier on rather than later when the damage has already been done.

A common example of this issue can be seen in patients with tooth cavities. These patients probably don’t brush and floss their teeth as often as they need to; this results in the development of cavities from a buildup of plaque. You might notice an occasional toothache if you have a new cavity, but won’t be able to visibly see it. A dentist can actually use tools and knowledge to spot an early cavity that’s not visible to the naked eye.

If ignored a small cavity can grow into a massive hole in your tooth that is both painful and unpleasant to look at. Patients residing in Springfield, Virginia, can take steps towards preventing this experience from occurring by scheduling appointments with Burke Dental.

The Benefits Of Dental Exams

To give you an idea of the many reasons to schedule regular dental exams, take a look below:

  • Better Safe Than Sorry: With dental exams, you don’t have to worry or guess at whether your teeth are in good shape. During your examination, the dentist will be able to tell you right away if you need to take actions towards combating a cavity or if your dental health is looking good.
  • Preventative Care: Dental exams offer both patients and dentists a chance to catch potentially harmful issues from developing before they cause major damage to the patient’s health. By stopping small issues way ahead of time, patients can maintain good dental health without pain or worry.
  • A Broader Look: If issues do arise, your dentist is given a pretty good idea of how the issue developed and can advise you on how to prevent future damage from occurring. Dental exams also help dental professionals to plan for the future in the best methods for improving the patient’s health.

Offering Springfield, Virginia, Dental Exams That Are Both Quick And Thorough

It’s not uncommon for patients to avoid dental exams because of how time-consuming, expensive, and interrogating they can be. In reality, dental exams can actually be both affordable and quick–especially at Burke Dental Our office seeks to provide patients with convenient examinations that are thorough but brief. Patients who follow their daily hygiene routine should experience a quick visit that provides them with reassurance in their smile.


What’s The Process Like?

Curious to know what the process is like? Here’s a walkthrough of what a standard dental exam might be like: First, the dentist with consult with the patient about their previous dental work (if done at another clinic) or look through the patient’s dental history if it’s already input into their system. Once familiar with the patient’s past dental health, the dentist might inquire about the patient’s current eating or living habits to get an idea of potential areas of concern. An example would be a patient who regularly drinks and smokes; these habits are potential causes of tooth discoloration or decay. In some cases, patients might have to have x-rays taken depending on their past dental work to look at hidden areas not noticeable at first glance. The dentist then looks thoroughly in the patient’s mouth at each tooth and around their gums for obvious areas of concern. They typically look for signs of gum disease, irritation, decay, damage, bone loss, and other physical symptoms associated with various dental issues. If any areas of concern are present, the dental professional with then take steps towards combating these issues according to the specific circumstances and advise the patient to take certain actions. All issues and treatments will be recording in the patient’s file for future reference.


What Are The Different Things To Look Out For?

When getting a dental exam, patients are evaluated for a number of potential issues which include but are not limited to:

  • Discomfort: Any type of pain that the patient might be experiencing from a light ache to pinching soreness gives reason for concern. If you feel any moderate to severe pain, you should consult with your dentist to source the problem and methods of improvement.
  • New Conditions: Dental exams are quick to uncover new harmful conditions like periodontal disease or infections that demand immediate attention.
  • Irritation: Inflammation of the skin or red, sore gums can be telling signs of potential or pre-existing conditions. By spotting these early symptoms, dental health professionals can stop conditions from spreading to other areas of the mouth and work towards getting the damaged area healthy again.
  • Bleeding: Similar to irritation and redness, bleeding can also be a sign of potentially harmful conditions.
  • General Changes: Other than the usual damages or conditions that might occur, dentists look out for other changes like discoloration and shifting. Although these other changes might not seem as concerning as something like gum disease, they are equally as important to monitor because they can actually cause harm to a patient’s dental health.
  • Allergies: Unusual symptoms that occur randomly or in correspondence with a certain substance are crucial to monitor in order to prevent the patient harm. If a patient experiences an allergy, it’s important for the dentist to be able to figure out what caused it and what substances to avoid in treatments.


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