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Offering a Simple Solution to a Straighter Smile with Invisalign

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Offering Simple Teeth Straightening Solutions with Invisalign

Patients who want their teeth straightened without having to wear or pay for braces can opt for Invisalign. This product offered by Burke Dental will provide the same effective results as braces without the hassle of having to wear wires on your teeth for many months.

Invisalign Many people dread the thought of having to wear braces because they are seen as an adolescent and embarrassing accessory. However, it is important for patients to have a well-aligned smile that they can wear confidently without having to stress over their appearance. To eliminate the need for braces, dental professionals have developed alternative technologies such as Invisalign to help straighten teeth permanently without having to wear awkward and annoying wires on your teeth.

Invisalign acts as a molded covering that fits perfectly over the patient’s teeth and slowly works to shift the teeth into proper alignment. The mold is made of clear plastic that is sturdy enough to produce a similar result to wired braces while conveniently blending into the patient’s natural look without bulky wires. Patients will start out with one retainer that will be adjusted over time into different molds to cause the teeth to comfortably shift into alignment which is similar to how braces work.

Why Choose Invisalign Over Traditional Braces?

A lot of adult patients like to use Invisalign over traditional braces because they don’t have to sport wires on their teeth for many months–or in some cases, years. Adult patients often feel that wearing traditional braces will return them to their dorky adolescence and take away from their mature, confident look so Invisalign is a more desirable option. By choosing to use a clear retainer, patients can get similar results to braces while maintaining their current look.

Dr. James Willis and his team are thorough, friendly, genuine and very professional… I highly recommend this practice to someone looking for a great dental team. Burke Dental is your place!


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My family and I have been very happy with Dr. Willis as our new family dentist. We had been with Dr. Brigleb for many years, and with his recommendation, we stayed with this practice. Dr. Willis is a very caring and concerned person, with your dental health foremost in his mind


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What Are Some Other Benefits?

In addition to keeping your natural look, Invisalign offers Burke Dental’s Springfield, Virginia, patients some other valuable benefits such as:

  • Improved Health: You wouldn’t normally think that have straighter teeth would improve your overall dental health, but think again. Having a properly aligned smile allows patients to care for their teeth more easily and improves their bite when eating. Imperfectly aligned teeth can increase your chances of damage to your teeth and can cause minor discomfort.
  • Comfort: In comparison to braces, Invisalign is considerably less painful. Although your teeth are still shifting over time and that will cause a small throbbing sensation, that can easily be reduced with over-the-counter pain-relief medication like Tylenol. In most cases, you won’t even have to medicate as the pain will be tolerable. Patients also don’t have to worry about wires causing irritation by rubbing into the edges of their mouth.
  • Temporary Wear: Unlike traditional braces, patients will be able to remove their Invisalign retainer at their convenience. In some cases, patients should wear the retainer all day for faster, better results, but some patients can simply wear the device at night while they sleep.
  • Simple Maintenance: Invisalign retainers are fairly easy to maintain as they simply need to be cleaned with regular brushing. By brushing the interior and exterior of the retainer, you can keep the Invisalign free from food materials and smelling fresh. Braces require much more maintenance with regular visits to an orthodontist for adjustments and cleanings. Braces also sometimes leave discoloration marks after they are removed because of the areas where patients couldn’t access while wearing the device.
  • Permanent Results: Although Invisalign materials are removable, they still provide patients with the same, long-lasting results as traditional braces. It may be necessary to wear the retainer continuously over time at night to keep your teeth from re-aligning back to their original positions.

Gifting The Springfield, Virginia, Community With A Teeth Straightening Option That Is Painless And Affordable

In the past, we would’ve never imagined that dental technology would get this far. The innovative evolution of teeth straightening devices is definitely something to be thankful for as we are granted the opportunity to improve our smiles without breaking the bank or our self-confidence. Tools like Invisalign can truly be considered as reliable, convenient solutions for patients seeking a straighter, more perfect smile.


What You Should Know About Invisalign

Invisalign is a great teeth straightening solution for most patients, but might not be the best option for everyone. It is important to consult with a dental professional to determine whether this option is right for you. Invisalign works best for patients in need of minimal straightening and those who are typically older in age. Younger patients are still experiencing growth in their teeth which causes the teeth to potentially shift more and using Invisalign might risk the patient to experience re-alignment of their teeth back into their original position if the retainer is worn regularly.


The Process

So how does the process work? Patients interested in getting Invisalign that are determined to be good candidates for the project will meet with their dentists to begin the process. During their appointment, the patient will get impressions made of their teeth for the dentist to make the plastic molds out of; x-rays and digital photographs are also key components of this process. The dentist will use the impressions, x-rays, and photographs of the patient’s teeth to create the plastic retainer and map out a plan to shift the teeth into alignment.

The patient will start out with an initial retainer that will begin to shift their teeth but will later get other retainers that are slightly adjusted to promote ongoing shifting in stages. These adjustments will slowly help the teeth to shift into proper alignment and will be secured by the final retainer which will keep the teeth in place.


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