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Professional Teeth Cleanings Springfield, Virginia

The practice of dental hygiene routines definitely has an impact on keeping patients feeling fresh and healthy, but professional teeth cleanings can also contribute towards overall health.

Targeting areas that are harder to reach, professional teeth cleaning treatments are thorough procedures that fully cleanse the teeth while protecting them from damage later on. Patients in Springfield, Virginia, should take advantage of regular teeth cleanings every six months with Burke Dental to promote their ongoing good dental health.

What Do Teeth Cleanings Entail?

Professional teeth cleanings help to eliminate the hidden plaque and tartar clinging to your teeth. Simple brushing and flossing only target main areas, but professional teeth cleaning treatments can cover all areas of the teeth from open surfaces to small crevices. Professional teeth cleaning often involves a dental professional going through all of your usual hygiene practices in detail as well as additional cleaning procedures. Not only do dental hygienists and dentists clean your teeth, they also often coat the teeth in protective substances that work to combat issues like cavities or periodontal disease.

Dr. James Willis and his team are thorough, friendly, genuine and very professional… I highly recommend this practice to someone looking for a great dental team. Burke Dental is your place!


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My family and I have been very happy with Dr. Willis as our new family dentist. We had been with Dr. Brigleb for many years, and with his recommendation, we stayed with this practice. Dr. Willis is a very caring and concerned person, with your dental health foremost in his mind


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What Are Some Of The Perks?

Thinking about scheduling your next teeth cleaning session? Take a look at some of the benefits of having your teeth professionally cleaned:

  • Painless: Completely pain-free, teeth cleaning sessions help to gently remove harmful substances like tartar and plaque from the teeth without causing damage or discomfort. Patients have no reason to fear teeth cleaning treatments at Burke Dental because all the staff members are dedicated to providing patients with impressive results free from harsh methods.
  • Awareness: In addition to helping patients to feel fresher and more confident in their smile, dental professionals use teeth cleanings as a chance to exam the patient for hidden conditions that may be causing them harm. Regular teeth cleaning appointments every six months can help monitor a patient’s dental health and prevent damage from occurring way ahead of time.
  • Feeling Fresh: While teeth cleaning treatments help to maintain and improve a patient’s dental health, an added benefit is that these sessions also leave the patient feeling rejuvenated. There’s always some small satisfaction after leaving your teeth cleaning treatment where you feel eager to share your sparkling smile with everyone you see.
  • Prevention: Similar to causing awareness of current dental health issues, regular teeth cleanings can also act to prevent extreme damages from taking place. A dentist might notice excessive plaque buildup or tooth discoloration and make recommendations to the patient to prevent future issues that will lead to more serious, permanent conditions.
  • Whitening: As if feeling clean and healthy isn’t enough, teeth cleaning treatments also help to improve the overall shade of your teeth. Avoiding the consumption of staining liquids or foods will reduce discoloration and teeth cleaning products, like whitening toothpastes, can help to lighten the shades of your teeth.

Professional Teeth Cleaning In Comparison To Other Options

It may seem unnecessary to some patients to get professional teeth cleaning treatments every six months but in reality, it’s a simple compromise that guarantees a healthier smile. Dental professionals encourage patients to practice regular hygiene routines on their own, but these practices are never going to be as thorough as the treatment provided by your dentist. The pairing of both hygiene routines and professional teeth cleaning treatments is crucial to maintaining your dental health. Regular teeth brushing only targets easy-to-reach areas without covering the total surface–crevices and all–of the tooth. Professional treatments can help to target these inaccessible areas to prevent cavities and periodontal conditions.

Some products have recently become available in stores that patients can get to replicate cleansing methods professional dentist use in-clinic (like water flossing devices or fluoride gels), but it is still a good idea to visit your local dental practice. Having another pair of trained eyes look at your teeth will only benefit you and help notice areas that you might have overlooked.


The Effect Teeth Cleanings Have On The Springfield, Virginia, Community

How might professional teeth cleaning help improve the overall health of the Springfield, Virginia, community? Well, in addition to monitoring the ever-changing status of each patient’s dental health, teeth cleaning treatments offer solutions towards preventing or combating almost any dental issue.


Needs For Teeth Cleanings

You may be wondering why you might need to have a professional teeth cleaning treatment rather than your usual at-home routine. The answer is simple–professional teeth cleaning treatments offer more thorough, beneficial results that you wouldn’t have gotten on your own. Here’s why:

  • Dentists have years of training in this area, you don’t. You may think you know everything about dental hygiene from years of listening to your dentist and parents, but guess what? The dentist still knows best and is your best guarantee of satisfactory results.
  • More products are available in-clinic than at the store. Stores may offer a pretty broad selection of dental products to choose from, but your dentist will definitely have greater access to products that may not be available at your local grocery store. Your dentist can also offer you products that they know to work better than others and that they personally use themselves.
  • Dental professionals can look out for a whole lot more than discoloration. Not only do dentists help to clean your teeth with products that promote teeth whitening–they also look out for other ways to help improve your smile. Dental professionals use teeth whitening treatments as an opportunity to exam their patients for hidden damages and make recommendations to help patients improve their dental health.
  • It’s inexpensive and fairly quick. When patients think of any type of appointment, they might think of the expenses that go along with it. At Burke Dental, the staff helps to ensure that patients have a positive experience at the clinic without causing financial stress. That’s why this Springfield, Virginia, practice offers a broad range of financing options to help ease the burden of paying for regular appointments and strives to get patients back to their daily lives with quick treatment sessions.

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