Plenty fishing spots can be found around Springfield, places where you can hire an angler and venture into the sea for a wonderful fishing experience.

Here are the top three spots for a nice fishing experience near Springfield:


Photo of Shenandoah National Park

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

Shenandoah National Park

Located across most of the Appalachian Trail in Virginia, the Shenandoah National Park boasts of amazing woodland trails, cascading waterfalls and Blue Ridge vistas. The park is renowned for its beautiful fall foliage. There are over 70 mountain streams and 42 species of fish in the park. The Shenandoah Park is the ideal for an unforgettable getaway spot for outdoor enthusiasts.

The Shenandoah National Park cuts across the Blue Ridge Mountains in the state of Virginia. The park has a vast network of trails which runs through it to the long distance Appalachian Trail. The park is heavily forested and features wetlands and rocky peaks like the old rag mountains and hawksbill. You are sure to find many bird species, the sleek black bear, squirrels, and deer.

You can go fish-hunting on the many waterfalls and be sure to catch different varieties of fish. You can also come here on a sunny day for a great walk through the woody trails. This place is an amazing spot for a good time.



Photo of Lake Anna

Lake Anna, Virginia

Lake Anna

Lake Anna is a very large water-body that covers over 13,000 acres of land and cuts across the counties of Orange, Spotsylvania, and Louisa. Only 9,000 acres out of the 13,000 acres are open for public use. The rest acres serve as cooling waters for the North Anna Nuclear Power Plant.

The different sides of the lake are referred to as the “cold side” and the “hot side” by the anglers. Good fishing opportunities are on the hot side. For you to reach that side, you must have access to one of the private ramps found on that side.

However, there are several public ramps located on the cold side. These ramps are available for use all around the year by the public.

There are tons of different species of fish which you can hunt on Lake Anna. The Crappie, Striper and the Largemouth Bass are the most common species of fish found in the lake.

So whenever you hit Springfield on want to fish, you can gear up and drive down to Lake Anna for a remarkable fishing experience.



The Island Of Chincoteague

The Island Of Chincoteague, Virginia

The Island Of Chincoteague

Another great fishing ground that located close to Springfield is the local waters that surround the Island of Chincoteague. You can go fishing either through the inland waterways that surround the Island or head down into the Atlantic Ocean if you are feeling adventurous.

You can also subscribe for surf fishing on the Assateague Island, although a saltwater license is needed for you to fish on the beach. However, fishing is not allowed on the lifeguard beaches or some surfing zones.

Whatever time you hit the surrounding waters of the Chincoteague Island, you are surely going to have a good catch.

The largest flounders abound during the spring. You will also find the Drum fish and Striped Bass in the surf and bay during springtime.

You may be lucky enough to catch a Flounder in the summer, although the Sea Bass, Croaker, Trout, and Kingfish are more in abundance during this period.



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