Almost everyone craves a great looking set of pearly whites that are completely straight. Advertising campaigns have made perfectly straight teeth the gold standard. The best ways to achieve those results is the help of an excellent orthodontist and Invisalign aligners. If you have heard about Invisalign you probably assume it’s sole purpose is to make teeth look better. But what you might not know is Invisalign can do more for individuals than correct misalignments with teeth. Let’s take a look at some problems Invisalign can solve as well as other benefits they provide.


Improve Speech or Phonetics

Speech problems can sometimes be linked to teeth and their alignment. Gaps in front teeth can create a whistling effect when speaking as well as a slight lisp. Improving speech and phonetics with use of Invisalign has been a Hollywood secret for a long time. Actresses, Actors, and singers would use this orthodontic service to perfect or fine-tune their speaking or vocal abilities.


Easier Brushing/Flossing

When using Invisalign, one affect you might not think about when your teeth are straighter is the ease of brushing. When you suffer from overbites, underbites, or crowding, it can be difficult to brush or floss. Many of those that have these common conditions report food impaction as a frequent issue. When eating meats or stringy foods, they will become stuck in the teeth and be incredibly stubborn to get to with brushing and flossing.

Food impaction is a problem because over time left over food caught in the teeth will breed bacteria and will start to harm teeth and gums. A possible issue as a result of this can be gum recession. Visibility gum recession isn’t aesthetically appealing to most, but it can also be painful.

After teeth are corrected with aligners, patients notice brushing and flossing habits are much simpler to do. When it comes to flossing, after teeth alignment treatments, the floss will efficiently work in and out of the spaces and reach the gum line with less effort. Because brushing and flossing become less complicated, maintaining good oral care habits tend to result.


TMD Relief

If your facial muscles feel tense or sore a portion of the time, you may have a TMJ disorder. At Green Orthodontics we commonly see patients that have jaw and muscle pain that is traced back to a TMD problem. What these individuals might not know, is the straightness of their teeth might have some role in symptoms they experience. When using Invisalign, individuals can lessen teeth grinding and achieve a better bite. The aligners will work to reduce the amount of movement your jaw, thereby alleviating much of the soreness for overworked joints.


Better Digestion

It is hard to overlook the fact; a mouth is the first step of the digestion process. When teeth aren’t correctly aligned, breaking down food completely, preparing it for digestion is nearly impossible. Those with poorly aligned teeth aren’t getting nutrients from their diet because of improper breakdown. Aligners that correct teeth can aid in the process and better digestion.


Quicker Routine Cleanings

Regular visits to the dentist should certainly be a part of everyone’s dental health plan. Cleanings and exams are necessary for preventing gum disease, maintaining healthy teeth, and recognizing oral health problems early. A benefit to having properly aligned teeth, these routine visits typically take less time to complete. Crowded or crooked teeth aren’t the easiest to clean between, making it challenging to somewhat impossible to clean between.

Teeth that have alignment treatments done are more efficient self-cleaners. This means your dental hygienist will spend less time cleaning. If you keep up on at-home brushing and flossing habits, aligned teeth are somewhat self-cleaning.


Aligners Are Multi-Useful

As established, Invisalign can help with speech problems, aid in digestion, and give relief to TMJ disorder sufferers. But the aligners can also be used in everyday life to use against teeth grinding or protect during activities. After treatment to correct an alignment problem is finished, you can still use your aligners for these activities. Some people even use the aligners for teeth whitening services.

While for many the goal when they see the orthodontist for Invisalign is to have straighter teeth, aligners perform many functions and have fantastic benefits over providing a straight smile. Invisalign and other teeth straightening devices, such as braces, can fix the structure of your teeth allowing for a healthier mouth.


About The Author

Dr. Noam Green is the founder of Green Orthodontics in Decatur, Georgia. His practice specializes in adult orthodontics including Invisalign, which corrects varying degrees of misaligned teeth.

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