Before you jump into scheduling an upcoming dental implant surgery, you should first consult with your local dental health adviser to determine if dental implants are right for you. As with any surgery, implant operations come with both benefits and risks that need to be taken under heavy consideration.

Knowing the potential complications involved with dental implant surgery can help you plan ahead with your dental surgeon to reduce or even eliminate some of these risks and ensure your implant’s future success.

Burke Dental explores this topic in further detail and seeks to provide patients with accurate expectations for dental implant procedures. Find out more by reading below!

risks and benefits of implants

First, let’s evaluate the many benefits there are to getting a dental implant. 123Dentist goes over these advantages in their article by discussing reasons to choose dental implants over other tooth replacement alternatives and what unique perks dental implants offer. After going over these benefits, you can then properly weigh whether taking the risk to undergo dental implant surgery is worth it and safe for you.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

“There are a number of benefits associated with dental implants, including:

  • A change to your appearance and speech
  • More comfort
  • Enhancing your ability to chew and enjoy your food
  • Protecting your teeth and jawbone
  • Having better oral health overall

Good value for your money as dental implants last a lifetime
Not everyone is eligible for a dental implants, it depends on your current oral health. If you are interested in having a dental implant, check with your dentist today to make sure you are a good candidate.”


Now, after going over the benefits to dental implants, it’s also crucial to discuss the risks that they provoke for patients and their health. Dental Solutions discusses these risks in the following article. Read below for insight on dental implant safety and what potential complications to discuss with your dental surgeon prior to going into surgery.

A Closer Look at Dental Implants Benefits and Risks

“As with any surgery, placing dental implants presents some health risks. Problems are rare, and when they do occur, are typically easily treatable. Complications relating to dental implants can include:

  • Injury or damage to the surrounding teeth, blood vessels, nerves, or jaw
  • Infection at the surgical site
  • Sinus problems (when implants are improperly placed in the upper jaw)
  • Implant rejection

These already low risks can be substantially reduced when your dental implants procedure is performed by an experienced surgeon. By properly preparing the treatment site and precisely placing the implants, your surgeon can also minimize trauma to the area and ease your recovery period.”


So after reviewing these risks rather than straying away from the thought of dental implants completely, you should actually consult with your dentists to find out ways to reduce or eliminate what risks you can. Dental implants are still considered really safe in terms of how they impact your ongoing health and can be totally complication-free if executed by a qualified professional. Here’s more from DDS Lab on how to reduce risks associated with your dental implants.


“Minimizing Complications during the Planning Phase

Before implant surgery, any existing dental conditions should be treated, especially concerning the management of periodontal disease. Next, a restorative treatment plan can be developed using x-rays and a CT scan and possibly a diagnostic wax-up. Using implant simulation software will help you to evaluate all anatomical structures and to determine all possible implant positions. If required, bone augmentation should be completed to help improve the success of implant therapy, allowing dental implants to be optimally positioned. Peri-implantitis is thought to be more prevalent in poorly positioned dental implants. Additionally, good positioning is required to achieve a functional and esthetic outcome.”


Now that you’re aware of both the  benefits and risks of dental implants, do you think they’re worth it? Talk to your local dental adviser to learn more about dental implant safety. Or if you’re a northern Virginia resident, call Burke Dental today at (703) 978-6000 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Willis!

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