What is an emergency dental appointment?

An emergency dental appointment is when a patient requires immediate treatment due to instances such as pain, infection, abscess, or severe discomfort. This is typically when the patient is in severe pain and needs to be seen by a dentist immediately.

How are emergency appointments scheduled?

Emergency appointments, such as those for severe pain or infection, need to be scheduled for the same day. Our practice accommodates emergency patients by keeping some openings in our daily schedule.

What are some conditions that require an emergency dentist appointment?

Conditions that require an emergency dentist appointment include tooth pain, especially sharp pain, abscesses or swelling in the gum, gum bleeding, tooth sensitivity, broken fillings or teeth, broken dentures, lost veneers, crowns or bridges, and teeth with large cavities that can't be saved.

If a wisdom tooth is partially or fully erupted with a cavity, or causing pain and there's no room for the tooth, an emergency appointment should be made to treat and remove the tooth.

If there's a broken tooth, gum infection, or abscess, a surgical extraction should be scheduled with the dentist during an emergency appointment.

When should one schedule for bone graft treatment?

When there's bone loss or if an implant is required after extraction and the dentist recommends a bone graft, an appointment for bone graft treatment should be scheduled.

What are the anesthesia options for extractions or other procedures?

Local anesthesia is usually used for simple extractions and some surgical extractions. However, for patients who request sedation or general anesthesia, we can provide those options in our office.

What is emergency root canal treatment?

Emergency root canal treatment is required when there's sharp pain or an abscess. In such cases, an emergency appointment should be made to relieve the pain with root canal treatment.

Do you offer same-day care in case of emergencies?

Yes, we do offer same-day care for emergencies. Please call our office to make an appointment for emergency care on the same day.

Do you have evening or weekend appointments available?

Yes, we have evening appointments available every day. For emergency conditions with sharp pain or other urgent matters, we can provide emergency dental services during the weekend.

How can I contact you for an emergency appointment?

If you have any additional questions or need to make an emergency appointment, please call us at (703) 940-9410 at Burke Dental. We are happy to assist you.