What are dental implants?

Dental implants are like screws used to replace missing teeth. They restore the function of chewing with the use of a crown to replace the missing tooth.

In which situations do dentists usually recommend dental implants?

The most common situation is when a tooth is missing. The other conditions include tooth fracture and tooth mobility. When there is a crack or vertical fracture, or gum disease or bone loss causing tooth mobility, dentists recommend replacing the tooth with a dental implant.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

The main advantages of dental implants are restoring the ability to chew and eat in the missing tooth area, improving cosmetic appearance, preserving bone loss or bone shrinking on the adjacent teeth, restoring the health of the teeth, the bone, and gum neighboring the replacement, and lastly, improving the quality of life.

What is the process of getting dental implants?

The process includes a dental exam involving x-rays and a CT scan, a review of the patient's medical history, and the presentation of a treatment plan. The treatment itself involves bone preparation, placing the dental implant screw inside the bone, placing the abutments inside the screw, and replacing the area with a dental crown.

Is bone grafting required for dental implants?

Bone grafting is required when there is bone loss. We need to place a bone graft to reinforce the bone to provide a solid base for the dental implant.

How long does it take to recover from dental implants?

It takes between 16 to 24 hours to recover from dental implants.

How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants last between 20 years to 40 years, depending on hygiene, cleaning, and maintenance.

Can dental implants get cavities?

No, dental implants cannot get cavities.

How much do dental implants cost?

The cost of one single implant, which includes the fixture and the surgical phase, is about $2000. The second part of this cost, the crown, is also about $2000. We also offer finance and office payment plans at our office.

Do insurance plans cover dental implants?

Most insurance plans cover part of the cost of dental implants, but it depends on the policy and plan a patient has with their insurance.

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If you have a missing tooth and it is impacting your comfort or your confidence, a dental implant could be your solution.

Dental implants have had a considerable impact on modern dentistry – offering a highly viable solution to replacing missing teeth. A dental implant is essentially an artificial tooth that is placed, or implanted, into your jaw where a dental crown is then capped on for a complete tooth that looks and even feels like a real tooth.  The best part is that the new replacement tooth will function as seamlessly as your regular tooth.

Dental implants can replace:

  • A single tooth
  • Multiple teeth
  • All of your teeth (implant dentures)

Dental implants benefit you by:

  • Preventing potential of Perio disease that could be caused by continuous bone loss
  • Preserving bone and stability for your teeth
  • Enhancing the appearance of your smile

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Single Dental Implant

What are Dental Implants? And How Our Dentist Can Help Replace Missing Teeth.

When a lot of people think of replacing missing teeth, they think of dentures, but there are others options out there. Options such as implants which may be less intrusive and offer many long-term benefit

We offer Dental implants in Burke that provide a long-term solution for missing teeth. Implants typically require less maintenance than other oral surgery options such as bridges or dentures, requiring only periodic adjustments. Dental implants also have the advantage of being easier to care for, plus they are the best choice for a more natural smile. This is why many patients are choosing implant dentistry as their solution.

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How We Can Help You

Implant Crown

One concern that many people have with implants, and dental procedures in general, is the pain, which is why Burke Dental is happy to offer comfortable implants to our customers. We know that many people are afraid of going to the dentist because of the pain, but you don’t have to.

Patients in Virginia can trust Dr. Ghanavati to give them the best care and that includes pain-free, long-lasting implants. You can have a beautiful smile with only a little bit discomfort.

Types of Implants

Implant types

At Burke Dental we offer three types of dental implants: traditional, All-on-Four, and Implant-Supported Full-Arch Fixed Prosthesis. A consultation is the only way to decide which is the right choice for you, but there are benefits to each type.

Traditional Dental Implants

Work best for a small number of implants. For example, if a patient only needs one tooth or a limited number of teeth replaced. This procedure involves fitting the implant, which will be attached to a titanium rod, to the jaw bone.

This often requires at least two visits, one to install the implant and the second to attach the replacement tooth, once the jaw has had time to heal.

All-On-4 Implants

A better choice for patients who need multiple teeth replaced. All-On-Four is a good alternative for patients who currently wear dentures. As the name suggests, All-On-Four relies on four (or more) anchors to support the replacement teeth.

Unlike traditional implants, All-On-Four implants may only require one visit because replacement teeth are fitted to the implants immediately.

Implant-Supported Denture

Dentures vs implants

Could be needed if there is damage to the jawline or a large number of implants are required. In this case, typically six implants are used to support the replacement teeth which may be attached to a metal bar or some form of prosthesis and attached to the jawline for added stability.

With an Implant-supported full-arch fixed prosthesis, the six implants are typically used to support three individual implant-supported bridges to complete the arch.

The Benefits of Implant Dentistry

There are many reasons why patients should consider dental implants over other options such as bridges or dentures. Implants are long-lasting, they are easy to care for and they create a more natural look than some of the other options. There are several reasons why implants are the best choice for many patients.

Implants are long lasting

Dentures depend on the soft tissue structure of your mouth which changes over time. Bridge work will often need to be replaced within 5-10 years and dentures should be replaced every 5 years. However, because implants are supported in bone, they often last longer and just require the occasional adjustment. As people live longer they need to choose options that will last and that is why more patients are choosing implants.

Implants are easy to maintain

Unlike dentures, implants don’t require any special care. You can continue to brush and floss your teeth like normal.

Implants give you the most natural look

Implants are designed to fit your mouth and retain your natural mouth shape. They replace the missing tooth without altering your natural smile. Implants are designed to look like real teeth and they blend easily with your existing tooth to create a beautiful smile without distractions.

Implants are less intrusive

Because implants are attached to the jawbone in place of the missing tooth, they don’t hold the same risks of damaging your existing teeth as other procedures may. Because the implant is taking the place of the missing tooth, it also prevents shifting, which can affect your whole mouth.

Discovering if Implants are the Right Choice

While there are exceptions, most adults in good health who have lost at least one tooth are probably good candidates for implant dentistry. However, implants are not recommended for patients whose jaws haven’t finished growing yet. Patients with significant health problems may want to consider other options as well.

What to Expect

Once the type of implant has been agreed upon, there will be a fairly standard process that will involve one or more visits to our offices. The first step will be to remove the damaged tooth. In some cases, the patient may require bone grafting to the jawline to be able to support the implant. If grafting is required, the patient will be sent home to recover.

Once the jaw has healed, or if grafting isn’t required, the titanium post that will support the replacement tooth will be placed in the patient’s jaw. If the patient chose the All-On-Four type of implant, the implants and the replacement teeth are typically placed at this time, but for traditional implants, the patient will be given several months to heal and then will come back so the new tooth can be fitted onto the implant.

The procedure

As mentioned above, there are multiple types of implants available for patients and the procedure varies depending on the type needed. However, the first step is always a consult.

The patient will meet with Dr. Ghanavati and his team to discuss the type of implants available and he will recommend which type he thinks is right for the particular patient. This will involve an exam and x-rays so that Dr. Ghanavati can make the correct recommendation.

The recovery

While it will take a few months for the jaw to heal, recovery from an implant is generally very easy. It is a simple, outpatient procedure and patients will go home the same day to recover.

Most patients are back to their regular routine within a couple days of receiving their implants and only report mild soreness and discomfort following the procedure.

Dental Implants Are A Great Long-Term Solution

Dental implants are a great solution to missing teeth and thanks to advancements in technology, there are options for just about anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are missing one tooth or several, there is an implant option that is right for you. Dr. Farzin Ghanavati, DDS is here to help our patients find that option.

Implants are a long-term, natural-looking solution to tooth loss that can help ease self-consciousness while allowing a patient to live a normal life. Because Burke Dental offers implants in a comfortable environment, there isn’t anything to be afraid of, making our implant dentistry services an easy and attractive choice for most patients.

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